Our team

Affinity Health at Work was founded in 2006 by a multi-award winning team of Occupational Psychologists, Emma Donaldson-Feilder, Dr Joanna Yarker and Dr Rachel Lewis. We work with a wide network of experts and associates to enable us to resource each project with the right balance of expertise.

Emma Donaldson-Feilder
Director and Registered Occupational Psychologist

Emma aims to make a positive difference in workplaces through enhancing employee health and wellbeing, particularly by improving leadership and management. In order to have the best possible evidence-base for her work, Emma is actively involved in research, in collaboration with a number of universities; conversely, her consultancy and coaching with a range of organisations ensures that the research is of genuine practical use in real-world settings.  She is an author, conference speaker and media commentator, whose writing and presenting includes sharing freely available, research-based, online guidance and tools. She is also active in public policy as a member of the Health and Safety Executive Workplace Health Expert committee; and is a mindfulness and interpersonal mindfulness teacher. Alongside her role at Affinity Health at Work, Emma is also Director of Affinity Coaching and Supervision and is undertaking a Professional Doctorate at Kingston Business School. She draws on 12 years’ previous experience working in international relations and communications.

Jo Yarker PhD

Jo is passionate about understanding what we can do to foster fulfilling, healthy and productive work, particularly under times of challenge such as when individuals are unwell or under pressure. More recently, Jo has been working on a number of projects that aim to understand the impact of workplace design on our health and wellbeing.  Working with colleagues Rachel Lewis and Emma Donaldson-Feilder and a network of academics in leading UK Universities, her research has been sponsored by the HSE, CIPD, Mental Health Foundation, British Occupational Health Research Foundation and Cancer Research UK. This research has been translated into guides, toolkits and metrics that organisations can use to help organisations, managers, teams and individuals better manage their work. Her work has been published in academic and practitioner spaces.  Alongside her role at Affinity Health at Work, Jo also works at Kingston Business School, as an Associate Professor, leading the Masters and Professional Doctorate programmes in Occupational and Business Psychology. As well as her lecturing, research and consultancy work, Jo holds voluntary roles with the British Psychological Society.

Rachel Lewis PhD
Director and Registered Occupational Psychologist

Rachel has worked extensively in the field of resilience, most recently in an ongoing project focused at enhancing resilience in Prison Officers. She is passionate about promoting evidence based practice and does this by taking a rigorous approach that builds and gathers both academic research and practitioner expertise. She has contributed to the development of guidance materials used within organisations and provided by bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, ACAS and the Health and Safety Executive, written articles for both peer reviewed academic and trade publications, and co-authored and edited three books, one (written with Emma Donaldson-Feilder and Joanna Yarker) based on their research on ‘Management Competencies for Preventing and Reducing Stress at Work’, which was awarded ‘Practitioner book of the Year’ by the British Psychological Society. Alongside her role at Affinity Health at Work, Rachel Lewis is also Associate Professor in Occupational Psychology, and Programme Director for the MSc and Professional Doctorate Programme in Occupational and Business Psychology at Kingston Business School.

Kate Godfree

Kate has been working as an associate with Affinity Health at work since 2015 and is a doctoral student at Kingston University. Prior to this, Kate studied Psychology at the University of Durham before completing a masters in Developmental Psychopathology and later a masters in Occupational and Organisational Psychology. Kate has worked on a variety of projects during her time with Affinity Health at Work, these have included an engagement project, a resilience survey, evaluating the impact of a previous resilience survey, a wellbeing at work project, research into developing managers to manage sustainable employee engagement health and wellbeing and an evaluation of a corporate Fitbit challenge.  Kate is also responsible for organising Affinity’s Research Consortium master-classes and managing Affinity's social media. Kate’s PhD research focuses on obesity stigma in the workplace. Kate aims to have a tangible impact on health and wellbeing in the workplace using an evidence-based approach.

Rebecca Peters

Rebecca has been working as a research associate with Affinity Health at Work since 2017 and is a Masters graduate in Occupational & Business Psychology from Kingston University. During this time she has worked on a number of different projects including: working with Prison Officers to gain a better understanding of their personal resilience and the coping strategies they use in their everyday working lives; working with the Department of Work and Pensions to develop and evaluate a return to work toolkit for managers and employees, following mental health related absence; working with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development to investigate flexible working across different organisations and sectors to inform best practice guidance and tools. Using evidence-based practice to inform her research and consultancy work, Rebecca aims to contribute new research and interventions which help to improve employees’ health and wellbeing within the workplace.

Alison Dunn

Alison Dunn is a qualified and experienced mental health professional with an MSc in Psychological Counselling and Psychotherapy. She has substantial experience of developing and implementing programmes to improve and promote employee mental health as well as overall health and wellbeing within an organisational setting.  She is an experienced trainer in mental health and has advised directors and senior managers on mental health and overall wellbeing.  Alison has worked with Affinity Health at Work since January 2015, working with the GLA to support the delivery of the London Healthy Workplace Award through leading the verifier network and the verification process.  She is keen to support organisations to develop an excellent approach to health and wellbeing and, in particular, the mental health of employees, through developing an approach aimed at minimising work related stress and providing a range of interventions to support employee mental health.  

Jennifer Duckworth

Jennifer studied Psychology at the University of Nottingham and initially embarked on a corporate career in Human Resources.  She has extensive HR experience across both public and private sector organisations, including selection and assessment, talent management, leadership development, employee relations and change management.  She holds the CIPD post graduate certificate and an MSc in Occupational and Business Psychology. 

Jennifer is passionate about marrying the rigours of academic research with her operational HR expertise to deliver practical guidance and tools that really work for organisations, and make a genuine difference to the working lives of normal people. She recently managed a research and consultancy project which explored the impact that the physical vs psychosocial working environments can have on health and wellbeing. She also has a particular interest in individual differences and the role they play in one’s wellbeing at work. 

Jennifer also volunteers as a Verifier for the London Healthy Workplace Award (previously Charter).