Affinity Health at Work


Consultancy: London Healthy Workplace Charter

Client: Greater London Authority

Project aim: To provide expert advice to the London Healthy Workplace Charter team

What we are doing:

The project has three strands:

1. Support scale up of the London Healthy Workplace Charter to increase the number of employer working towards and accredited against the Charter standards – We are supporting the development of the charter process to enable it to be rolled out to more applicant organisations, while remaining rigorous, valid and prestigious. This includes developing a verification scorecard for achievement and excellence Charter levels and an online process for applying for commitment Charter level. 

2. Facilitate and provide expert advice for the London Healthy Workplace Charter verification days – We are supporting the verification days and the production of feedback reports to employer organisations who attend them.

3. Verifier training and recruitment – We are creating a new development process and training package for people who become verifiers for the Charter from February onwards and spreading the word about becoming a verifier to our networks to bring on board new verifiers - for information about becoming a verifier, click here.


For more information about the London Healthy Workplace Charter, click here.


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