Affinity Health at Work


Consultancy: Resilience and workplace health

Client: The Police Superintendents' Association of England and Wales (PSAEW)

Project aim: To support the PSAEW in helping improve the resilience and workplace health of their members, i.e. Chief Superintendents and Superintendents in the Police in England and Wales (Police Superintendents)

What we did:

Affinity Health at Work has been working with the Police Superintendents' Association of England and Wales (PSAEW) for five years on a programme of activities relating to resilience and workplace health for Police Superintendents. This has included:

1. Qualitative research to understand the key risks to Superintendents' health and well-being: interviews with a range of PSAEW members to get their views on the risks to health presented by working in the Police Superintending ranks.

2. Development of a toolkit: the interviews were used to guide the design of an evidence-based toolkit, entitled 'Be a Better Superintendent', which was distributed to all Police Superintendents in England and Wales and to other stakeholder organisations, such as ACPO, NPIA and HMIC.

3. Personal Resilience Survey of the PSAEW membership: a questionnaire survey exploring Superintendents' health and well-being, working hours and issues affecting health at work conducted in 2009 and 2011.


Membership benefit: The toolkit in particular, but also feedback on the findings from the resilience survey, provide benefits to PSAEW members.

Understanding: Through gathering data and feedback, the PSAEW is building an ever better understanding of the health and resilience of its members.

Evidence for presenting to Police Force management: The survey data provides the PSAEW with evidence on the health and resilience of Police Superintendents, which they can use in discussions about the needs of their members.

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