Affinity Health at Work


Consultancy: Stress management and stress risk assessment

Client: Central Government Department

Project aim: To assess the particular stressors experienced by employees and equip individuals, their managers and the wider organisation with the tools to prevent and reduce these stressors

What we did:

Affinity Health at Work were asked to undertake a programme of work for a unit within a large central Government department, which included:

1. Questionnaire survey: Distribution of the HSE Management Standards Questionnaire to understand the key stressors to which the employees in this unit were exposed.

2. Qualitative research: Focus groups and interviews to understand both the causes of the stressors and employee perspectives on potential solutions.

3. Reporting: The survey and qualitative data were used to develop a report with recommendations on reducing the stressors themselves and the impact of those stressors.

4. Development and roll-out of bespoke training:

5. Stress management coaching: Where particular individuals were identified to be struggling to cope with workplace pressures, coaching was provided to help them to identify the key causes of stress and establish how best to deal with them.


* Reducing stress risks

* Improving individuals' ability to manage stress

* Supporting employees who were struggling to cope with workplace pressures

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